The bitter end!

The date is December 10th, 2021, my former employer (I’ll just call them spark) has gotten in 6 PlayStation 5s in store! I’m so excited because i know that I’m getting mine as soon as they are released to go out to the floor. I’ve been scoping these things out for days now as I know exactly what time they will be on the floor. I’m working but I have a friend whose gonna get in line for me to pick it up. Time passes and they still haven’t put them outs. I notice a guy, whose been standing by the display case for quite a while. Ok he has obviously heard we’re going have some in the store. No big deal I got my ace in the hole. Make a lap around the store, maybe 10 minutes and come back to electronics to find about 8 people over by the displays. Well fuck, I get in line for a couple minutes to cause initially I wasn’t sure if it was 6 but to my dismay, I was number 7 in line. I told my friend “don’t worry” because I was going to get it. Two days later Walmart along with pretty much all retailers decided they would no longer have Playstation 5s for sale in store. This decision would be my demise along with so many others as now we had to fight along the countless number of hopeful people and bots to try and secure the illusive PS5.


This online only battle royal started well before December 12th when a little something called COVID 19 or Coronavirus shut down the world. We all know it’s impact, we all know the devastation it had on the world. The world of gaming is no different. The initial impact of the virus shut the world down for months as we tried to get a grasp of the situation. So with brand new game systems coming out and nobody to produce said consoles, the fate of these systems were seriously in doubt. Nevertheless hard work paid off and we were introduced to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. I’m not familiar with Microsoft’s initial numbers but I read an article where PS5 sold as many in the final 2 months of 2020 as the PS4 in 2013. Amazing accomplishment but to me, it’s a disappointment. These numbers are still staggering considering The current state of the world but what if the world wasn’t locked down? I could of easily seen Sony surpassing 6 million sold by the end of the year. Sony representatives already stating that 2021 is still gonna be slim pickings with new consoles because of processing chip shortages. You have to wonder if big name retailers are gonna be able to provide not only a safe way to sell in store but also meet the demand of the population.

This item is OUT OF STOCK

Which brings me to my next problem, big bad bots! We’ve all done it, sat in front of our cell phones or computers waiting to jump on the new hot item. Jordan’s, Concert tickets, Furby, all hot commodities, all sold out in minutes. This was never an issue with me. I preordered my games and picked them up at GameStop for midnight release. I also sat in line on a New Year’s Day to acquire an Xbox 360. This launch was different. Many of us ran into so many problems with the initial preorders of the PS5. Site crashes, getting all the way to checkout only to fall just short. With Covid rising quickly and winter steadily approaching, not many retailers were doing in store preorders. So not being able to get my hands on one in store was a major bummer and also brought us to our next problem. Bots have been a thorn in our side for as long as the internet has been available. Taking large quantities of product, before the consumer can even get to the check out screen. PlayStation 5s are no different, with bots literally selling out the consoles within seconds of them becoming available on numerous occasions. While companies have tried to put measures in place to stop these occurrences, bots and the people who control them have seemingly broken the numerous walls of resistance. All I can say is the fight between man and machine is a fierce battle I don’t see ending any time soon.

Mo money, mo problems

Scalpers after a hard day of Ebay!

Finally, this isn’t so much an informative as it is a rant (Parental advisory). How fucking stupid are people on the internet and beyond to be spending 1500 for a console??? Like seriously why are people spending 3 times the amount for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X? Is it because it’s the hot new thing, probably. Is it because they want to rub it in their friends faces, ehh maybe. Is it because their dumb fucks, Absolutely! Scalpers aren’t new to the world. It isn’t something that just appeared out of thin air, but the way that we’re allowing these bastards to get rich is ridiculous! Scalpers have made 43 million…43 MILLION DOLLARS from selling consoles and graphics cards. Reading this and your first thought is damn I’m in the wrong line of work, but it’s such a predatory business. Praying on the minds of parents who fear of disappointing their kids causes them to spend unnecessary amounts of money on the shiny new console. A console that may just have issues, resulting in you having to fight to get it fixed or replaced. Maybe I’m just hating because I don’t have one yet. I could never do it but hey, the rich continue to get richer.

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