Zach Snyder’s JUSTICE to the Justice League

They going to do what??

When Justice League was announced, first thing many of us probably thought was, there’s nothing they do to improve on such a subpar movie. The original JL movie was not what us fans of comics and these characters wanted to see. It just didn’t have the chops to compete against the giant that was Marvel. They had established a 10-12 year relationship with its fan base that rarely had a bad movie. Yes they had a few duds but for the most part, a excellent example of a company taking a passion and making it into art. DC had the blueprint from Marvel down to a T! It didn’t have to follow it by the letter but they definitely had every opportunity to create a universe that would stand the test of time in Cinema.

His vision

Zack Snyder had a vision as he was directing Justice League. The DC universe seemed to be heading down a more gritty storyline as Superman, and Superman Dawn of Justice were darker than most Marvel movies. Although Dawn of Justice wasn’t great, it did set the tone for Justice League. The success of Wonder Woman and Later Aquaman should of set this company up for a 10 year run of its own but tragedy struck Snyder. I won’t get into the details of it, you can Google it if you want, but Snyder stepped away from JL and handed the mantle to Joss Weldon. Weldon had the experience doing the first two Avengers movies but he didn’t seem to bring the right focus to Justice League. This subsequently resulted in a movie with action galore but no real passion or direction other than bringing heroes together to defeat the bad guy. Sure most comic book shows and movies had that common goal but Marvel just does it better, investing in story and allowing you to connect with these characters in a way JL failed to really do. Weldon fumbled the project and now it was up to Snyder after taking time away to handle the most important stuff to finish what he started!

The Justice League

I kept my expectations low as I turned on Justice League at 10 pm. Knowing that if it wouldn’t hold my attention it would be reason for me to go to bed. The first thing you notice is the ratio in which the movie is presented, 4:3 which gives you a old school feel but shot in gorgeous 35mm film. This allowed Snyder to showcase his film the way he wanted, as if you were looking from a giant IMAX screen! This was an excellent decision as the movie came out looking fantastic! You also start to notice the reshoots right away, as this is basically a brand new movie. It tells stories of the heroes and really flushed out the details of who they are and why they do what they do in terms of being their heroes they’ve become. It was such a riveting watch that I hardly even touched my phone and only made me miss movie theaters more. This movie needs to be experienced in IMAX and it would be amazing it was possible. Snyder’s vision for Justice League back in 2017 would of given DC a chance to not only compete with Marvel but maybe even overtake them had he got a chance to finish up back then. For me this was a solid 8.5 or 9 out of 10. It’s also a movie I intend of watching again in the next few days because it was truly a movie to behold!

Thank you Zack Snyder

From the above picture you can see my enthusiasm. I just want to say thank you to Zack Snyder for showing us what Justice League really was meant to be. The passion you provided to this movie should not go unnoticed and if DC and Warner Brothers are smart, capitalize on the success of this movie and finish the trilogy of what could potentially be a groundbreaking story. Will we ever get it? None of us are really sure but I’m not giving up hope, hell I didn’t think I would ever see this version of the movie. One could only imagine!

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