With the acquisition of the Masters tournament in the upcoming PGA Tour game, EA has seemingly put a stranglehold on the Grand Slam of golf for the foreseeable future. 2k has had golf since 2014, and EA has struggled to consistently produce a quality title since 2015 final installment . EA Sports is a powerhouse,Continue reading “EA Sports…ITS SUCH A SHAME”

Zach Snyder’s JUSTICE to the Justice League

They going to do what?? When Justice League was announced, first thing many of us probably thought was, there’s nothing they do to improve on such a subpar movie. The original JL movie was not what us fans of comics and these characters wanted to see. It just didn’t have the chops to compete againstContinue reading “Zach Snyder’s JUSTICE to the Justice League”

The curious case of Xbox

Master Chief The link (above) is for Halo: Combat Evolved. This was one of the first things I saw at E3 2000. Me being a sports gamer my whole life with other genres sprinkled in, I never took a complete hold on FPS even with some Goldeneye 007 on my resume. Halo changed that andContinue reading “The curious case of Xbox”


The bitter end! The date is December 10th, 2021, my former employer (I’ll just call them spark) has gotten in 6 PlayStation 5s in store! I’m so excited because i know that I’m getting mine as soon as they are released to go out to the floor. I’ve been scoping these things out for daysContinue reading “COVID, MODEL T-101, SCALPERS. OH MY!”

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